Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Week in the Life: Thursday

Talk about good intentions.  A for effort.  I tried.....I planned ahead by blogging my Week in the Life through Wednesday then fail.  So now I go back and try to remember the details.....So here goes.....

I had to go in early to work today since there would be contractors on site painting an office so at 6:29AM I snapped this photo.  I don't know why but I have a fascination with escalators.  The shiny metal.  The clean lines of the escalator highlighted with yellow so people can see one step from the next.  The germ infested handrail.  Ever think about how gross people are and how all that gross is embedded on that rail.  Yuck.

 There's a great view of the Oakland Arena from the BART station.  I love the grime of the Colliseum and all the concrete.  I hate palm trees.  I hope that when they tear down the Coliseum and upgrade the surrounding areas they get rid of those things and plant some more natural to the area trees.....
And of course I had to take the cliche chucks on an escalator shot.

 This photo I almost didn't take but I just couldn't resist the vanishing point and brick.  There's no moment to document other than it being a daily view and always something that captures my eye.
 After work Marli and I took a walk around the neighborhood.  I had every intention of taking pictures since I've decided I want to get more acquainted with Oakland.  I have so many pictures of San Francisco but I want to help myself understand the city I call home.  And I want to help to show others the beauty and character this city has to offer.  However once I started walking I ended up on the phone discussing details about Through the Lens.  Some catching up with my dad and then logistics.  When is he coming, when we have to be where and how the walls are all going to work.  I'm very grateful to have my dad back in my life.  He's been a positive influence in my life and been such a help with the show.
 After our walk Marli chilled on the couch.  As you can see, she really hates it.
While I had a single girl with no kids dinner.  It's rough, I know...Pear, Salami and Gouda.  I mean, I bet you'd hate this life....
 Post "dinner" lounging shenanigans with my mood.  And selfies.  For the sake of selfies.
 More of that lounging.  I need to get that stupid It's Tops photo off my wall. After the way they treated me I don't even want that garbage in my house.  In time.
And I couldn't take so many pictures of Marli without taking pics of my old man.  I was on the couch bored and my scarf happened to be there so uh, why not.  Kodi lets me do whatever as long as I'm paying attention to him so what's a little scarf action when it's a million degrees inside the house?  I love this old man.

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