Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Week in the Life: TGI Friday!

Holy Smokes, it's offing Friday.  As the show gets closer it gets hard to concentrate on anything besides it.  But being in my second week at the job and needing to be a responsible adult, I need to focus.  Not an easy thing for me and not with the distraction I got this morning (which I'll try to be very factual about).  So here goes...

I woke up like this.  I hate seeing people all done did with those stupid teeshirts on.  So when I woke up and saw my hair like this I knew it would be the quote in my WITL album, lol.  And of course, but first, let me take a selfie.
So I got ready for work.  Normal routine.  Then I get a text.  Hey Kristi, isn't Tricia your friend?  And I knew.  Oh gawd, what now.  And then this.....
 There are so many things to be said about this picture.  This photo was taken in 2013 and was an extremely hard day for me for many reasons.  It was close to the end of my relationship with Jennifer, Kari and Lora and also almost at the end of my relationship with Jarid.  A year later my relationship with Julia would also come to a close leading to separation with Tricia as well.  It is clear that everyone in this photo has an issue with me so why would you want to post it on your page?  What could your intent possibly be.  That question was answered by the comment left on the photo.  I'm not a perfect person.  I can shit talk just like the next person.  But never is my intent to ever make anyone feel bad about who they are.  You make choices, you deal with the consequences.  The difference is that I take responsibility for the things I say and do and I do not expect other people to take the blame for them.  However that is what has happened with many people in this photo.  But a year later I don't care.  I hope they are all just uninvolved in my life.  But when this comes to my attention I see ill will, hard feelings and bad intentions.  It set me back for a minute.  I decided to take it in.  Get in touch with myself and my feelings about it.  I had already decided to let all of this go and move on and after a bruised ego and hurt feelings, some talking it out with non-mutual friends, I let it go.  I remembered that I have moved in life.  I'm focused on my goals and accomplishments.  I'm almost 40 and this type of behavior just isn't worth it.  And then I received this meme from a friend:
And I laughed.  And remembered that it's important not to focus on the bad, but the good.  The people that help me be a better me.  People that love me unconditionally.  People that will make me laugh when I feel like shit.  People that make me feel safe.  That make me cry because they make me happy.  That will try to make me smile by cracking jokes when they know I'm stuck in sadness.  So I moved forward and got my materials ready for the Pancakes & Booze show.  These were the pieces I put on display.
And on my lunch I headed to San Francisco to turn them in.  Here again, my fascination with escalators.
I got stuck in BART.  I didn't have enough on my ticket to get out so of course, with limited time, I had to take a minute and add fundage....
Just out side the BART exit was this little flower stand.  They all looked especially pretty against the concrete and grime of the subway station.  I took a moment....
I grabbed some Mediterranean food and headed back to work.  I finished up my day then hopped back on BART meeting a friend for a drink and dinner and to get more flyers for Through the Lens.  I had to take a few pictures on the way.

 We met up at Thirsty Bear for drinks and some food.  Drinks were ok.
The chef, however, must have forgotten to put flavor, in anything, tonight.  The food was mediocre at best.  But as we ate we had a couple of people meet up with us and good times were to be had.  We all shared drinks and food, jokes, stories and laughter.  Then, decided to try a new bar.
We headed to a place called Novela.  The concept was cool as the bar had a "study" or library feel to it.  Sad to say, the bar was filled with douchebags.  However we did try a couple new drinks and got a random to take our photo.
After this I was headed to Pancakes & Booze but we weren't feeling it.  A couple of us parted ways.  I decided to go to P&B just to see what the scene was like and check on my pieces.  A couple of us chilled for a little bit, having our free pancakes then headed home.  All in all it was a pretty good night.  A lot of mending and healthy healing this week and a reminder to feel grateful for all the good things I have accomplished and the people in life that make me a better person.  Also a great reminder of why I have created boundaries and continue to try to lead a healthy life.

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