Thursday, August 20, 2015

Week in the Life: HUMP Day


This morning I woke up with my little cuddle bug.  AKA Kodi.  I sleep pretty hard throughout the night so I don't notice the movement of the kids in the middle of the night.  Sometimes I wake up with Kodi in my arms, sometimes he's at my side or nestled against my back.  Marli is in her bed though sometimes on the couch with me when I sleep on the couch.  Hey, the couch is ten times more comfortable than the cheap bed I got in the divorce.  Someday I'll get caught up and get myself a nice multi thousand dollar dream bed but for now, I alternate between couch and bed sleeps.
And up and at 'em today.  Pee, shower, dress, make up, hair, Marli, and head to BART.  Music and pondering.
One of the things I super loved about working at the Embarcadero earlier this year was the view.  Being in the city and walking around.  I didn't think I could get that from Oakland.  And then I started here.  And I love being able to compare the culture from Oakland to SF and the other places I've lived.  Oakland truly feels like home.  Like my people.  A place where you can be yourself and not feel judged.  I mean, not meanly anyway.  Where as in SF you need to be a certain way, look a certain way.  You need to come from a certain place and have a certain amount of established money.  I know you San Franciscans are saying NO, that's not true.  But as an outsider, trust that it is.  Oakland feels like my kind of misfitted, cozy people.  People who work for the things they have.  But still has this city vibe to it.  It's a little slower paced.  A little more room to breathe.  More people saying hello and smiling at one another while still trying to get from one place to the next.  AND, there is architecture that's photo worthy.  And we know that's most important to me.
I took the above photo while headed to Max's.  I had no idea that there was a Max's Opera Cafe in Oakland and I've lived here for three years.  But there it is.  Got myself a chicken avocado melt and fries and enjoyed it in our employee lounge.  Om nom nom.
So on the way to my appointment tonight I came across a couple of homeless people napping outside a building on Hegenburger.  The shop has been closed for a long time as have most of it's neighboring businesses.  I imagine a day where the mall cleans up and the shops across the street from it thrive.  But I think it's going to take some time and effort from the community.  And faith.  that's important.  So anyway I see this chick with red hair and chuckle to myself thinking it looks like my ex fiance's girlfriend.  And yea, the hater took over a little.  But I'll keep those comments private.
 So I continued on what I consider a pretty scenic drive.  I love the caldacott tunnel.  It's dirty, grimy, filled with texture and clean lines and light sources.  I always wish that I could be adventurous and actually walk in it to take some long exposures.  But knowing me I'd trip off the curb into oncoming traffic and die.  Ok maybe I wouldn't die but I'm pretty sure I'd get hurt....hahaha.  Well anyway today traffic was especially heavy so I was able to take a few shots inside the tunnel.  And coming out.

I noticed this week that I seem to be feeling the PicTapGo black and white filters.  So a lot of my pictures are conversions of color to black and white.  I like it that way.  I made some pretty good observations about some of the things I've been feeling lately.  How I've been feeling them and why.  I've embarked on a new photography project (long term) that will be exploring the places I've been and the people that I've known.  More of that to come at a later time.  I was pretty excited as I got to head home at 7 tonight.  I feel bad for poor Marli having to jump back into her old routine.  I'm used to spending the days with her and after day one of being back on a work routine I missed her tons.  I'm thankful for the shorter commute though, and being able to spend more time with her and less time on the road.
I struggled on the way home deciding if I should cook or not.  Eventually I caved in to temptation and  the easy way and detoured to Burger King.  Where I consumed 5 chicken nuggets and 10 french fries before feeling full and (gasp) feeding the rest to Marli.  Don't tell!  I worked a little on my Week in the Life album and watched five episodes of season five's Drop Dead Diva.  It's like my secret little guilty pleasure.
Tonight, I sleep in my bed.  Night guard and all.  What a difference that thing has made.....

Week in the Life: Tuesday

Oh, hello Tuesday.  Starting a new job (contract) and getting closer to the show I didn't think all that much about taking photos yesterday.  After having such a good day yesterday and having my faith renewed and feeling even more hopeful I guess I was more in photo documentation mode today.  Although I'm pretty much always in photo mode when I'm at the BART station.  Always so many lines, grit, dirt, and people.  Moving parts and clean lines.  Texture.  Watching the way people interact with people or watching the way they don't.  BART is always a great reflection time for me too.  It's where I'm forced to stop, sit and wait.  I have no control over the timing of the train and therefore I stop paying attention to time and just sit in the moment.  It's not something that comes easy to me.  So first photo is me riding up the escalator.  I had just missed the train I was aiming for so I slowed down knowing it would be another 15 minutes for the next one.  I get to BART.  I park.  I  get my stuff and walk to the entrance.  While I walk I fidget with my things.  Did I lock my car?  Do I have my phone?  Where's my BART ticket?  I really need to find my Clipper card.  I need music.  I pull out my iPod and put on my Beats by Dre earbuds.  (Best headphones I've ever had.)  I get to the entrance and put in my card and head toward this escalator and think, wow, this is my life.  I'm that urban girl who uses the subway to get to and from.  I always imagine this routine as something you see in the movies.

And then I get upstairs.  And have a seat.  I see this pigeon (the one on the left) with a full cracker...and I see his counterpart trying to get in on the action but very skeptical about it.  And I start to think about humanity in general.  The one bird has a big ol' cracker and definitely doesn't want to share with the other bird.  And the other bird wants it, badly, but won't be aggressive about it.  Sharing is caring bro.  However I will say that if someone grabs food off of my plate without asking it irritates the shit out of me.  Please just ask first.  Please?

So I look up, and this is my view.  Every day.  Well, it used to be up until May.  Then it was sporadically my view when I was headed to the city to shoot, meet friends, go to an event, go on a date, or whatever I might have been doing in the city.  This week it's the start to my new routine.  Back on a daily commute.  Back to a regular paycheck.  Back to daily socialization.  No more sleeping in and going to bed whenever I feel like it.  Back to responsibility.

Today for lunch I tried the Fountain Cafe and sat on a bench in the grass while I enjoyed my salad bar lunch.  Day two of this new routine.  AND I even made a decent decision on what I ate.

As I was leaving the office today I was reminded of my last place of employment.  The place that lured me away from Genentech with it's pretty wood floor and modern lobby.  With it's promise of something new and a beautiful view.  What a sham.  And then I realized that I am now in a place with lovely wood floored lobby and glass double doors.  Minus the sham.  So I knew I had to take this photo.  It just felt like a sign.
This afternoon was a busy one.  I had to head to UPS to pick up my delivery from Adoramapix and then head to an appointment by 6:30PM.  It was tight.  I made it to Adoramapix and picked up my three packages (10 framed photos) and headed to my appointment.  Made it just in time.  I was super anxious to open up my packages but alas, had to wait.  I spent some time working on my head and emotions and connecting with people like me and finally headed home.

 Once I got home I finally got to open my artwork.  I took a moment.  To see your images matted and framed and ready to go on a wall is such a magical feeling.  It's a tangible representation of everything you've captured.  For me it was also symbolic to the things I've accomplished and continue to accomplish this year.  It's Through the Lens, it's a vision, a dream turned reality.  And I just cannot wait to see how everything turns out.

By this time I was exhausted.  It's been two full days of work (#firstworldproblems) with tasks needing to happen afterwards.  So I cuddled up with Miss Marli on the couch and fell asleep to the sounds of the fan and the television.  Good night, sweet world.  See you tomorrow, sweet new life.

Week In The Life: Hello Monday

This year I'm doing it.  I even bought the kit.  Maybe that's why I'm doing it.  But this time, I said I was going to get it done real time.  I pulled out an album that I started way back in 20....well yea, I don't even remember the year but it was when CKU was a thing and Ali Edwards was teaching classes at this Anaheim event.  And I had lost over 100lbs and was taking classes with one of my besties.  Someone that I've kept in my life through trials and tribulations.  And when I went back to this half finished album, I realized my life was COMPLETELY different.  But since I hadn't finished journaling I have lost those memories and moments.  I don't want to keep losing the memories.  The moments.  So....

Anyway, here was my Monday....
After not working since May (good riddance), I got up at 7:30AM this morning and got ready for work.  Caught my train on time but to my dismay BART was heavily delayed due to the 4.0 Earthquake centered in Piedmont this morning and medical emergencies.  Rumor has it that medical emergencies are code for people jumping in front of the train but who knows.  And ick, what a way to go.  Anyhow.  I love this office.  I love the people.  When I came in today and sat down, it just felt, right.
Walking in to work today just felt right.  I had to run some errands on my lunch in preparation for Through the Lens (the photography event that I've built, ground up) so I stopped at a deli called Ratto's.  The line took forever and a minute but I got my sandwich and headed back into the office.  One of these days, I will find THE Oakland deli with the bestest sandwiches, but even after today, the search continues.  I have childhood favorites like Little Lucca to live up to.  No one does it like they do.
After work was grocery time.  I had some shoes to return (funny how when you're broke you make all your returns) and was stationed behind this super well behaved cutie.  He was talking to the kids in a cart in front of me.  He actually acted polite but I'm pretty sure he thought the other kids were freaks (they were) and he kept pretty quiet.  Something about the whole situation was sweet and it made me smile. Shoes returned and $100 spent, I headed home after filling the tank.  Can't beat Costco prices for gas.
 I brought Marli in, put away the groceries, put the trash cans to the curb, fed Kodi and cooked dinner.  It was a million and one degrees inside the house but cooking needs to happen more often in this house.  I sat down to do a little Week in the Life, since I always wait until last minute or post start to get my shit together, but ended up watching something on Netflix.  Per the usual.  If I were actually scrapping, Kodi wouldn't be so comfortable laying on top of my album soliciting attention.  Notice the dog at my feet.  My little attention whore fuzzies.
I figured I needed a daily selfie.  This shows my excitement for how hot it was in the house.  It's been a hot week in the Bay Area.  And I look forward to it cooling down.

Friday, February 27, 2015

By the Way, I Scrapbook.

It's true...see!

A little Project Life....

Project life can be a little hard for me sometimes.  But it's also great because it reminds me of all the great stuff that I have going on in my life.  It also helps me mourn the people I have it due to death or other reasons.

And a couple of layouts....

The layouts were made with a Cocoa Daisy kit, on of my favorite kits so far...And these pictures are some of my favorites from last year.  Some of my most favorite people.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Well Hello, 2015

And hello to an all new perspective.  I've hidden all of my past posts, because let's face it, that's not my life anymore.  These days my life is about self discovery through photography, scrapbooking, homeownership, fuzzy kids, work and friends & family.  Not necessarily in that order.

So moving forward expect to see some of my photography, some scrapbooking, lots of love and random shenanigans.  Oh and shenanigans there will be.

I hope to have you all follow me on my journey. :)