Thursday, August 20, 2015

Week in the Life: Tuesday

Oh, hello Tuesday.  Starting a new job (contract) and getting closer to the show I didn't think all that much about taking photos yesterday.  After having such a good day yesterday and having my faith renewed and feeling even more hopeful I guess I was more in photo documentation mode today.  Although I'm pretty much always in photo mode when I'm at the BART station.  Always so many lines, grit, dirt, and people.  Moving parts and clean lines.  Texture.  Watching the way people interact with people or watching the way they don't.  BART is always a great reflection time for me too.  It's where I'm forced to stop, sit and wait.  I have no control over the timing of the train and therefore I stop paying attention to time and just sit in the moment.  It's not something that comes easy to me.  So first photo is me riding up the escalator.  I had just missed the train I was aiming for so I slowed down knowing it would be another 15 minutes for the next one.  I get to BART.  I park.  I  get my stuff and walk to the entrance.  While I walk I fidget with my things.  Did I lock my car?  Do I have my phone?  Where's my BART ticket?  I really need to find my Clipper card.  I need music.  I pull out my iPod and put on my Beats by Dre earbuds.  (Best headphones I've ever had.)  I get to the entrance and put in my card and head toward this escalator and think, wow, this is my life.  I'm that urban girl who uses the subway to get to and from.  I always imagine this routine as something you see in the movies.

And then I get upstairs.  And have a seat.  I see this pigeon (the one on the left) with a full cracker...and I see his counterpart trying to get in on the action but very skeptical about it.  And I start to think about humanity in general.  The one bird has a big ol' cracker and definitely doesn't want to share with the other bird.  And the other bird wants it, badly, but won't be aggressive about it.  Sharing is caring bro.  However I will say that if someone grabs food off of my plate without asking it irritates the shit out of me.  Please just ask first.  Please?

So I look up, and this is my view.  Every day.  Well, it used to be up until May.  Then it was sporadically my view when I was headed to the city to shoot, meet friends, go to an event, go on a date, or whatever I might have been doing in the city.  This week it's the start to my new routine.  Back on a daily commute.  Back to a regular paycheck.  Back to daily socialization.  No more sleeping in and going to bed whenever I feel like it.  Back to responsibility.

Today for lunch I tried the Fountain Cafe and sat on a bench in the grass while I enjoyed my salad bar lunch.  Day two of this new routine.  AND I even made a decent decision on what I ate.

As I was leaving the office today I was reminded of my last place of employment.  The place that lured me away from Genentech with it's pretty wood floor and modern lobby.  With it's promise of something new and a beautiful view.  What a sham.  And then I realized that I am now in a place with lovely wood floored lobby and glass double doors.  Minus the sham.  So I knew I had to take this photo.  It just felt like a sign.
This afternoon was a busy one.  I had to head to UPS to pick up my delivery from Adoramapix and then head to an appointment by 6:30PM.  It was tight.  I made it to Adoramapix and picked up my three packages (10 framed photos) and headed to my appointment.  Made it just in time.  I was super anxious to open up my packages but alas, had to wait.  I spent some time working on my head and emotions and connecting with people like me and finally headed home.

 Once I got home I finally got to open my artwork.  I took a moment.  To see your images matted and framed and ready to go on a wall is such a magical feeling.  It's a tangible representation of everything you've captured.  For me it was also symbolic to the things I've accomplished and continue to accomplish this year.  It's Through the Lens, it's a vision, a dream turned reality.  And I just cannot wait to see how everything turns out.

By this time I was exhausted.  It's been two full days of work (#firstworldproblems) with tasks needing to happen afterwards.  So I cuddled up with Miss Marli on the couch and fell asleep to the sounds of the fan and the television.  Good night, sweet world.  See you tomorrow, sweet new life.

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