Thursday, August 20, 2015

Week In The Life: Hello Monday

This year I'm doing it.  I even bought the kit.  Maybe that's why I'm doing it.  But this time, I said I was going to get it done real time.  I pulled out an album that I started way back in 20....well yea, I don't even remember the year but it was when CKU was a thing and Ali Edwards was teaching classes at this Anaheim event.  And I had lost over 100lbs and was taking classes with one of my besties.  Someone that I've kept in my life through trials and tribulations.  And when I went back to this half finished album, I realized my life was COMPLETELY different.  But since I hadn't finished journaling I have lost those memories and moments.  I don't want to keep losing the memories.  The moments.  So....

Anyway, here was my Monday....
After not working since May (good riddance), I got up at 7:30AM this morning and got ready for work.  Caught my train on time but to my dismay BART was heavily delayed due to the 4.0 Earthquake centered in Piedmont this morning and medical emergencies.  Rumor has it that medical emergencies are code for people jumping in front of the train but who knows.  And ick, what a way to go.  Anyhow.  I love this office.  I love the people.  When I came in today and sat down, it just felt, right.
Walking in to work today just felt right.  I had to run some errands on my lunch in preparation for Through the Lens (the photography event that I've built, ground up) so I stopped at a deli called Ratto's.  The line took forever and a minute but I got my sandwich and headed back into the office.  One of these days, I will find THE Oakland deli with the bestest sandwiches, but even after today, the search continues.  I have childhood favorites like Little Lucca to live up to.  No one does it like they do.
After work was grocery time.  I had some shoes to return (funny how when you're broke you make all your returns) and was stationed behind this super well behaved cutie.  He was talking to the kids in a cart in front of me.  He actually acted polite but I'm pretty sure he thought the other kids were freaks (they were) and he kept pretty quiet.  Something about the whole situation was sweet and it made me smile. Shoes returned and $100 spent, I headed home after filling the tank.  Can't beat Costco prices for gas.
 I brought Marli in, put away the groceries, put the trash cans to the curb, fed Kodi and cooked dinner.  It was a million and one degrees inside the house but cooking needs to happen more often in this house.  I sat down to do a little Week in the Life, since I always wait until last minute or post start to get my shit together, but ended up watching something on Netflix.  Per the usual.  If I were actually scrapping, Kodi wouldn't be so comfortable laying on top of my album soliciting attention.  Notice the dog at my feet.  My little attention whore fuzzies.
I figured I needed a daily selfie.  This shows my excitement for how hot it was in the house.  It's been a hot week in the Bay Area.  And I look forward to it cooling down.

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